Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Gay Liberation Front 40 years later!

This June will mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the Gay Liberation Front that started out of that. Members of the GLF are organizing and participating in events marking our history. I just learned this morning that we've been given the best spot in the SF Gay Pride Parade, and I damn well think we deserve it. What a 40 years it's been!

But it's a profoundly bittersweet occasion as I remember all the many men who did not survive the AIDS crisis. I can only think of a few from our group in Washington DC that might still be alive. Maybe. Where are they? Oh, yes. There's Tim. Thank God for Tim; dear, sweet, kind, beautiful Tim. As for the rest, the only ones I am sure of are those who have passed: friends, lovers, beautiful, brave, and brilliant young men who soared like Icarus daring things that few would even dream of, and they changed the world.

I hope and pray that others from our group will surface, but who knows? Other men and women from other GLF chapters are coming together and we will have a chance to share our histories, recalling great events and amazing people, so much gained, so many lost, the pride, the joy, the wonder of it all, and the grief are all beyond measuring.


Rainbow History said...

Hi Jack - I am in touch with a few of the GLF/DC survivors - Tomasi, Ferri, Blumenfeld, Miller. As you may know Bruce Pennington passed in September 03. I will pass word of the reunion to them. You might want to look at the GLF materials on our website at

Mark Meinke

Starjack said...

thank you, Mark. I didn't know that Bruce had died. I'm very sorry to hear it. I have been following, and admiring, the rainbow history pages. Nice job! (If you see Frank Kameny, give him a hug for me!)